Marion Rowland Watercolor Artist

I was born in London UK and moved to Florida in 2009 with my husband and 2 children. I have been drawing and painting since childhood and studied art and design at Falmouth college of Art and Design in the UK. After graduating I started my own gallery in Cornwall on the coast in the south of the UK, as well as my own gallery I have shown my paintings in a number of exhibitions and galleries.

I paint mainly in watercolor it is my favorite medium, I love the detail I can achieve. I also paint in oil and acrylic. I like to paint landscapes and wildlife, I am inspired by the tropical plants and flowers which have such rich textures and colors, the wildlife too is diverse and makes a great subject to paint, birds are one of my favorite subjects, because they have such colorful plumage.  Another specialty is pet portraits I paint much loved dogs, horses, cats and other subjects.

You can see original framed examples of my work at the store. You can also contact me at the store to discuss a commissioned painting. Prices vary according to size. You can then have the painting custom framed to your choice at our frame store.

Lilly and Angus’.

Commissioned Watercolor

This watercolor was commissioned by the horse’s owner.