Custom Framing Store

Custom Framing ServicesIn our custom framing store we have a comprehensive range of frame styles to accommodate any type and size of artwork. Our frames range from modern to traditional we also have frames with different colors and textures. All our custom framing is done on the premises.

We many years experience of working with all kinds of Art including antique paper, fabrics new and old and unusual objects.


Choice of glass is important too, we have regular which is most commonly used, but we also have non-glare for art that is in a room where reflection on the glass can be a nuisance fro example rooms with reflection from windows. We also have UV glass offering protection where in a bright location UV rays can fade the artwork. For extra protection and an amazing look where the glass is almost unnoticeable and if the art is valuable, we have Museum quality. Plexiglass is good too, it is unbreakable and lighter in weight than glass and you cannot tell the difference, it is good in children’s rooms, public places and on large pieces of art.

Custom Picture Frames

All our frames are sourced for quality and style, coming from here in the USA and as far as Spain and Italy. We are often bringing in new styles when we see an exciting new range, to keep our selection up to date .We source frames from all over the world to select the best that will sell well and have the quality to look beautiful on your wall. The variety and types of frame we stock are many and we regularly introduce new exiting styles to add to our collection. We have hundreds of frame styles here are just a few examples.

We frame anything from that special treasured memory original artwork, prints, canvases collectible memorabilia, jerseys, children’s artwork, needlepoint, tapestries, and embroidery,

diplomas, documents and more.

Mirror frames

Mirror_Frame_Samples_2As well as art frames a number of frames our can also be used to frame mirrors. Custom mirror framing is one of our specialties; it is a great way to transform any room including the bathroom.

We can supply new mirrors custom cut to any size or we can frame an existing mirror that is already in place on the wall. This is common in bathrooms where the mirror is already fixed to the wall and is difficult to remove. We can also fix the frame directly onto the mirror when required; this has become popular for customers who are remodeling their homes. This immediately updates and transforms the room. We have a selection of frames to suit different room styles. We offer a complete service where we can come to your house and measure and help you choose the style size and color of frame to suit your taste from a selection of samples. When the frame is ready we come to your home and install the framed mirror or just the frame as required.

For more information click here: Custom Mirror Framing Services

There is no charge for this measuring and fitting service.

We provide the complete service of taking measurements in your home then framing the mirror then delivering and installing it in your home. There is no charge for this service.

Photo Restoration

We provide a service where we can have your precious photographs copied and restored the same as the original and reproduced in various sizes as required and depending on the quality of the original

Please call us for details.

Art Restoration

Have your artwork cleaned and restored by an expert, call us for details.

Canvas stretching

We can stretch any size canvas ready to frame or gallery wrapped to hang straight onto the wall.