Diploma & Document Framing

Diploma_Frame_Sample_2Important documents such as diplomas and certificates deserve to be professionally framed to be noticed, after all there is a lot of hard work and effort in getting them. They can look impressive, when they are professionally framed and displayed in an office or home, you can also have them framed in your choice of colored matting perhaps in university colors or logo colors, or just a color that you prefer that matches the office or room.

Great Selection  & Specials To Choose From

Black_Belt_Certificate_FramedThere are a wide choice of frames that can make it truly unique and eye catching. We can offer advice to help you choose a combination of mat and frame to enhance your document. We also have a Diploma Special where we provide the complete package of frame matting and glass at a cost effective price, from our range of in-stock framing and mats. This is can also be useful if you have more than one document.